Camera & Video Housings

A 1950,s Rolleiflex brass french made Ondiphot underwater housing and camera.

The JUBA underwater Bolex housing was produced by Toronto Camera, Canada in the early seventies. Only 12 were ever produced. We recently supplied one of these cameras for the filming of LIFE AQUATIC staring Bill Murray. The camera was painted yellow for the filming.

A Juba 16mm Bolex model housing. Image courtesy Robert Wright

 The 1959 Aqua Cam underwater flash camera.
This camera sold for $49.95

 The Bolex Paillard underwater housing made in Switzerland.

 The CINE underwater camera housing.

 A 1970's Mako housing for the Rolleiflex camera.

A Hugy Fot underwater camera case made in Switzerland. It was constructed and designed by Rene Hugenschmidt.

A later model of the Hugy Fot housing.

 The 1957 Argus SEAHAWK Mark III underwater housing.

The 1956 Argus SEAHAWK Mark II Housing.

The 1956 Jerry Wollman and George Schmidt Model 35A marine camera housing.

 The Ricoh color marine underwater camera and housing kit.


 The Healthways Mako Shark underwater camera kit.

Made in Spain the Siluro underwater camera.

A home made underwater acrylic camera made by Mr Fred Harley of Tam Dive Toronto Canada. Many variations of this type of camera were produced through out the seventies and eighties and used world wide.

Early 1960 Ansco AA35 underwater housing.

A Hydro 35 underwater camera housing.

 A Canon FTB SLR underwater camera housing.

Sea Tite Model - 1 Underwater Camera case for the early Kodak Motorwind Cameras

Early HAWKEYE Kodak Instamatic R4 Camera and housing 1965 -1971

 A Rever 16 MM camera and home made underwater housing.

A home made 35 ML SLR film camera housing.

An early Al Giddings Cinemar I underwater film housing

A second All Giddings Cinemar II housing for a Kodac 8 mm film camera

A 1950,s Orca housing for Leica cameras.

A 1950,s Orca housing for Leica cameras.

An early Canon Olympus Marine plastic bag camera housing.

A vintage Hydro Photo camera housing that was made in Marathon Florida USA.

The identification of this housing unknown at this time. Can you identify this housing?

German Robot camera and underwater housing.

Aqua - Jet Underwater Housing with camera, this system was built by SeaCraft Industries Inc. Wilmington, Massachusetts USA

La Spirotechnique was a French company (formed in 1947) and a legendary pioneer of underwater diving equipment. This is a 1962 La Spirotechnique Aquamatic, later known as Formaflex underwater camera. Not many of these cameras were made and is a very desirable collectors item.

The Hydro Box underwater camera housing 

Soviet Sport 2 - 8 mm film underwater housing

Soviet KPF-1 for Start Camera Rare made between 1960 -1966 serial number 63136. Two types were made; one for the Zenith cameras with a glass window on the back of the housing and the second above with a glass window.  Placed at the rear top of the housing, it could be used with the Russian Start camera with a waist level view finder.

Home-made acrylic underwater housing for medium format SLR camera

Early Holiday Underwater camera and housing

Bopp 8MM motion picture film camera housing

1980 to 1990 Sony Underwater Marine Pack video housings. 40 to 75 meter depth rated

Home made camera housing from France

A second home made camera housing out of France

An early Browne Underwater holiday camera in a      Davco plastic made by D. L Davis Co Los Angeles USA.

Vintage 1959 16MM Bell and Howell film camera and housing by Herb Sampson Machine Works Costa Mesa California USA.  M-4-416