DPV divers Propulsion Veicles


The Pegasus swimmer propulsion device was tested by US seal team 2 in 1963. It did not show any practical use after evaluation and the project was terminated. It could be operated at depths beyond 100 ft and reach a speed of 3 knots. The pegasus was battery operated and had a gyro compass for navigation. This scooter was also used by Jaques Cousteau, Peter Gimbel, Al Giddings and National Geographic as a camera platforms because of there stability.



Built to Navy specifications, the Arojet General MK 1 MOD 0 SPU was designed as a reconnaisannce veicle for use by combat swimmers from a submerged fleet-type submarine. A single swimmer lay prone on the after body, towed by two hooks that fit under his armpits. The instrument panel has a depth guage, tacometer, volt meter, magnetic compass, ballast air pressure guage, and ampere-hour meter. Four were built and deliverd to the US navy in 1962.

RO-1 (Russian Naval Diver Propulsion Vehicle)

This DPV is one of three units known in existence, outside the 'old' U.S.S.R.


 Used by the Special Forces of the Black Sea Fleet, based in Sebastopol.

A second U.S.S.R Navy diver search and recovery DPV

Early scooter designed and used by the late Jaques Yves Cousteau seen in the film The Silent World. Picture courtesy of Garard from Club Barakouda France

AquaZepp exploratory diver's technical scooters.

Diving Machines 1970 12 volt Scuba tow "Post Power pac" Diver DPV scooter

Diving Machines 1965 12 volt Aqua Lung prototype divers scooter

Diving Machines 1975 12 volt Canadian Made "Scuba Scuta" dpv scooter

Diving Machines Vintage 1950 Dolphin underwater scooter.

Diving Machines early air powered SCUBA SCOOT underwater divers scooter.

Diving Machines Early 12 volt SUBMOBILE divers scooter.


1970's Hyde Power System Inc. air operated diving jet

Farallon MK1

A early Farallon MK 6 Underwater scooter.

The Cadilac of scooters the Farallon MK 8 Dpv’s with skid ski’s

Dive Rite - Farallon manufactured Arrow scooter.

Farallon MK 6 with custom sled.

Vintage 1950s Power Diver made by Bludworth Marine. Made to propel a diver to depths of 180 feet with little effort.